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Scientists turn back time in cells to ease the pain of getting older Times 31st March 2020

Old and grumpy? You may be blind to a smile Times 25th March 2020

Coronavirus: how will self-isolation order work for over 70's? Times 16th March 2020

Coronavirus: millions of over 70's to be told to stay at home for 4 months Times 16th March 2020

Savings industry warns of poverty in old age as pension pots emptied Times 25th February 2020

Struggling social care ‘will need billions to keep going’ after migration points system Times 20th February 2020

Technology can help us fight dementia Telegraph 11th February 2020

Smartwatch will monitor for early signs of dementia Times 11th February 2020

Finally, the sick can take a break Sunday Telegraph 9th February 2020

Delay your state pension - so long as you live to 81 Sunday Telegraph 9th February 2020

Happiness peaks at 82. It's all downhill from there Sunday Times 9th February 2020

A word to Whitehall: the hidden scandal of rural crime is killing our countryside

 Telegraph 9th February 2020

Don't blame our beleaguered bobbies on the beat for Britain's surging crime 

Telegraph 7th February 2020

Failing police 'rumbled' by weary public Times 7th February 2020

Public has given up on police solving crimes, says watchdog Telegraph 7th February 2020

Care help denied to 700,000 elderly in system 'under siege' Times 7th February 2020

Police can't cope with avalanche of fraud cases Times 25th January 2020

Police give up on charging thieves Telegraph 24th January 2020

Banks fail to repay victims of online scams despite code Telegraph 24th January 2020

Thousands with dementia being dumped in A&E wards every day Telegraph 22nd January 2020

There's no place for loneliness with a thriving village hall Telegraph 21st January 2020

Brightening up village halls helps to tackle loneliness Daily Telegraph 20th January 2020

Families sending relatives with dementia to Thailand for care Guardian 12th January 2020

Trials shine light on hopes for Alzheimer's disease cure Telegraph 6th January 2020

Lets cherish, not fear, those with Dementia Times 31st December 2019

Sparkling service? Forget it if you're elderly Times 30th December 2019

Dementia rates falling since leaded petrol ban Times 19th December 2019

Mobility scooter death prompts call to change law Telegraph 15th December 2019 

Inheritance tax changes now offer chance to shelter up to £1m Times 8th December 2019

Amazon 'treating elderly as neighbourhood delivery depots' Telegraph 7th December 2019

Families suffer as values of retirement homes plummet Times 23rd November 2019

Improved health means old age now starts at 70 Times 20th November 2019

How good night's sleep can brainwash away dementia Times 1st November 2019

Elderly being 'poisoned' by overly strong medication Telegraph 29th October 2019

Elderly people having to 'fend for themselves' Telegraph 22nd October 2019

Families face long trips to see relatives in care crisis Sunday Telegraph 13th October 2019

Rise in power of attorney being abused Times 5th October 2019

Drawing a pension? Don't rely on your insurer's advice Times 5th October 2019

New scandal over the sale of equity release plans Times 4th October 2019

Tories tot up cost of free social care Times 30th September 2019 

We're now a nation of inheritance vultures Times 30th September 2019 

Exodus of workers to care for relatives costs £3bn Times 28th September 2019

Drug find turns ageing into a thing of the past Times 14th September 2019

Privacy fears are putting older people off using the internet Telegraph 10th September 2019

Scan can spot the risk of a heart attack 9 years in advance Telegraph 4th September 2019

Elderly at risk as social care faces collapse, says Age UK  Telegraph 31st August 2019

Bank of Mum & Dad's generosity risks leaving pensioners in poverty Times 27th August 2019 

Use horse sense to rein in the strain of care Sunday Times 25th August 2019

Skype won't combat loneliness of elderly like a hug & a cuppa Sunday Telegraph 25th August 2019

Cocktail of pills endangers over 65's Times 22nd August 2019

Sitting at desk for 9 hours a day raises risk of early death Times 22nd August 2019

Baby boomers get less for their taxes than previous generations Times 21st August 2019

Work to 75 and give Britain £182 billion boost Sunday Telegraph 18th August 2019

Record number of starving pensioners admitted to hospital Sunday Telegraph 18th August 2019

Grandmother 92, mowed down by mobility scooter Evening Standard 13th August 2019

Restaurant-style ratings to combat funeral rip-offs Times 12th August 2019

It's no wonder we're all having to turn Poirot Times 12th August 2019

Dementia accounts for one in eight deaths Times 7th August 2019

Government 'must protect pensions' Times 5th August 2019

What friends are for: socialising at 60 can stave off dementia Times 3rd August 2019

Alzheimer's diagnosis: new blood test can detect disease Times 2nd August 2019

Over 70's face eye test to keep licence Times 1st August 2019

Warning for reckless mobility scooter users Telegraph 30th July 2019

Publish register of pension scammers, urges ex-minister Times 22nd July 2019

Charges are a 'stealth tax on those unlucky to need care' Sunday Telegraph 21st July 2019

Ten pension scams we should fear most Times 20th July 2019

Pension scams cost £4 billion Times 19th July 2019

The elderly face visit from the TV licence fee police Telegraph 18th July 2019

'Thousands miss out on life saving stroke care' Times 17th July 2019

Rising rents risk forcing pensioners out of homes Times 17th July 2019

Hearing aids could help to fight dementia Times 16th July 2019

Councils 'mislead' families over care they are entitled to Sunday Telegraph 14th July 2019 

Online powers of attorney 'put elderly at risk' Times 27th June 2019

We need to break the taboo around wills Times 26th June 2019

Online boom and cutbacks spell disaster for the village post office Times 20th May 2019

999 calls up as public tire of waiting for 101 Times 2nd May 2019

Dementia breakthrough as new disease type identified Times 1st May 2019

Council cutbacks blamed as Four Seasons Care collapses Times 1st May 2019

Losing sense of smell can be fatal sign Times 30th April 2019

Meet the 'Young-Old' generation refusing to act their age Telegraph 28th April 2019

Dementia patients to be prescribed smart home kit Times 17th April 2019

1 in 5 post offices face closure within next year Telegraph 16th April 2019

TSB first bank to issue 'refund guarantee' for all fraud victims Sunday Telegraph 14th April 2019

Britains grey towns Sunday Telegraph 14th April 2019 

Move to a cashless society must leave no one behind Telegraph 10th April 2019

Electric shock: zapping brain can improve your memory Times 9th April 2019

Meet the doulas helping the terminally ill face death with a smile Sunday Times 7th April 2019

Middlemen under investigation as 6,000 lose out in pension scams Times 7th April 2019

'Defeatist' police fail to investigate fraud cases Times 2nd April 2019

Hundreds prosecuted for abusing power of attorney Times 30th March 2019

Cap on social care costs 'won't help 90% of elderly Sunday Times 17th March 2019

Eye test could spot Alzheimer's earlier Times 12th March 2019

Dehydration tests don't work for older people Times 11th March 2019

Wendy Mitchell, author - how she lives with Alzheimers Sunday Times 10th March 2019

Thousands more older drivers ruled medically unfit Times 9th March 2019

Anyone assisting suicide needs to know about forfeiture Times 5th March 2019

Disabled & elderly to suffer most if paper billing ends Telegraph 5th March 2019

Social care near collapse as 1 million denied vital help Times 3rd March 2019

Antibiotic curbs put older people at risk Times 28th February 2019

Disabled pensioners hit with huge bills in care crackdown Telegraph 28th February 2019

Reducing blood pressure may help to state off dementia Times 29th January 2019

Rock me gently: swaying makes us nod off quicker & helps memory Times 24th January 2019

If you want to drive at 97, be prepared to pay a king's ransom Times 20th January 2019

Extra meal halves elderly patient deaths Times 13th January 2019

Belly fat could raise risk of Alzheimer's Times 10th January 2019

Exercise hormone may delay dementia onset Times 7th January 2019

I signed over control and he sold my house- how POA's tear families apart Times 6th January 2019

Beware bogus British Gas callers in stolen uniforms Times 24th December 2018

Elderly shoppers out in cold in rush to go cashless Telegraph 19th December 2018

Fake truffle farmers con savers out of their pensions Times 14th December 2018

Watchdog finds 'Systematic failings' in pension advice Telegraph 7th December 2018

Rip off fees for residents to end Telegraph 7th December 2018

Dementia patients 'needlessly sectioned' Times 4th December 2018

Rationing of hip operations causes misery for elderly Telegraph 1st December 2018

EDF unveils home sensors for the elderly Telegraph 28th November 2018

Britain facing 350,000 shortfall of care workers Telegraph 26th November 2018

They stopped my care funding, then asked for the money back Sunday Times                25th November 2018

Loophole that lets gold-diggers wed vulnerable elderly Times 21st November 2018

Social Care: 'How do others manage without the extra we are able to afford?' Guardian 17th November 2018

Theatres stage pantomimes for dementia sufferers Times 16th November 2018

Forget fiddly phones, older people enjoy a chat with Alexa Times 15th November 2018

Neck scan reveals risk of dementia Times 12th November 2018

Huge hike in probate fees Sunday Times 11th November 2018

Government probate plan branded a 'stealth tax' Sunday Times 11th November 2018

Victims of pension pot scams to get their money back Sunday Times 11th November 2018

Elderly home care at risk as Watchdog warns over Allied Health Care Times 6th November 2018

Savers 'overpaying £400m in pension tax' Times 1st November 2018

Police tell victims to search online for their stolen possessions Telegraph 30th October 2018

74 yr-olds with a one track mind Sunday Times 28th October 2018

Inside the OAP Cotswold collective Sunday Times 28th October 2018

The best places to live in retirement Sunday Times 28th October 2018

Living off a pension fund? It may be time to curb your spending Times 27th October 2018

Gender equality ruling on pensions may cost firms £millions Times 27th October 2018

Care for toddlers and elderly side by side says health secretary Times 26th October 2018

'Irrelevant' police forces struggle with rising crime, say MP's Times 25th October 2018

Dementia & Alzheimer's behind 1 in 8 deaths Times 24th October 2018

Don't block scam texts, say banks Sunday Times 21st October 2018

1 in 5 people aged over 70 eat alone Telegraph 20th October 2018

Inflation busting pay rise good news for pensioners Telegraph 20th October 2018

Millions of pensioners hit by HMRC deadline Telegraph 20th October 2018

£20bn pension treasure hunt Times 20th October 2018

Postmen asked to help the lonely on their rounds Times 15th October 2018

Be careful when you quit your final salary pension Times 13th October 2018

Police set targets to investigate fewer than half of crimes Telegraph 8th October 2018

450,000 fraud reports booted out by police algorithm Times 7th October 2018

The social care crisis is about more than money Times 3rd October 2018

Dementia patients charged 40% more for care Times 1st October 2018

Signed away your right to pensions redress? Think again Sunday Times 30th September 2018

Banks keep fraud details from Police Sunday Times 30th September 2018

Exercise for 2 minutes a week to cut dementia risk Times 25th September 2018

Health supplements hinder drugs Times 25th September 2018

Aged over 70? A daily aspirin won't help Times 17th September 2018

New threat of inheritance tax fines on thousands of estates Times 15th September 2018

Half of landline calls to the elderly come from cold callers Telegraph 8th September 2018

"The force with the fewest bobbies on the beat per head of population is Sussex, where just 8.3 neighbourhood officers patrol 100,000 people" Bobbies on beat slashed by a third                                   Sunday Times 26th August 2018

What happens when, like Aretha Franklin, you die without a will Times 25th August 2018

An ageing population is causing problems that Britain cannot ignore Times 20th August 2018

Over 55's put travel before saving for care Times 20th August 2018

"More than 40% of the crimes that people living in the UK experience are committed through the internet. Online fraud has become our most common crime. You are 20 times more likely to be robbed at your computer than mugged in the street. Your social media accounts are as likely to be burgled as your house." How to catch a crook: behind the scenes of a police raid on a cyber criminals home Sunday Times 19th August 2018

FCA urged to act on cold calls as Treasury dithers over ban Sunday Times 19th August 2018

Day centre cuts force elderly into full time care Sunday Telegraph 12th August 2018

Pensioners left unprotected as pension transfers grow Sunday Telegraph 12th August 2018

Care for the elderly should not be left to daughters Sunday Telegraph 12th August 2018

Pensioners get tips on changing gender Sunday Times 12th August 2018

Half of pensioners shop online Telegraph 9th August 2018

Mobility scooter racers brings chaos to market Times 4th August 2018

Tech built for outer space and retirees Telegraph 4th August 2018

Half of pensioners shop online Telegraph 4th August 2018

Fears over savings as £2bn is pulled from pensions Times 1st August 2018

Smart homes track health & fitness of frail owners Times 27th July 2018

Push to avoid ATM 'deserts' out of town Times 27th July 2018

New drug could slow the onset of Alzheimer's Telegraph 26th July 2018

Overuse of sleep and pain drugs 'risks lives of dementia patients' Times 25th July 2018

The perils of cashing in a pension Times 21st July 2018

The funeral plans failing to give families peace of mind Times 21st July 2018

Esther McVey's pension plan will let down millions Times 18th July 2018

Banning my elderly mother from driving was heartbreaking Telegraph 18th July 2018

Mobility scooter death leads to call for change in the law Telegraph 18th July 2018

We neglect unpaid family carers at our peril Telegraph 17th July 2018

Age bias 'has pushed a million older workers out of a job' Telegraph 17th July 2018

More than a million older people left without help Times 9th July 2018

Minimum wage rise affects care homes' quality of care Telegraph 9th July 2018

Older drivers need medical tests, coroner says Times 7th July 2018

Errors means thousands face cuts to their pension income Telegraph 30th June 2018

Dementia care by strangers for the millions who fail to prepare Times 30th June 2018

Over 55's losing thousands in rip-off pension drawdown deals Telegraph 29th June 2018

Spending on social care down by 9% Times 14th June 2018

Just 52 hours of exercise per year can reverse mental decline Times 31st May 2018

Young and elderly left in agony in A&E, say doctors Times 29th May 2018

Don't brand over 60's old and doddery, BBC told Times 22nd May 2018

Could hearing loss be linked to dementia? Telegraph 21st May 2018

Older workers face paying Jeremy Hunt's 'care tax' Sunday Times 6th May 2018

Pension fraudsters target 10% of over 55's Telegraph 4th May 2018

Bungalows need to come back for sake of elderly Telegraph 30th April 2018

Older Brits trapped in isolated rural houses Times 30th April 2017

Don't miss out on your IHT allowance Times 28th April 2018

'Every song brings him alive' Telegraph 27th April 2018

Smartphones 'will become the default way to see doctor' Times 27th April 2018

Glad to be grey - older people are happiest Times 26th April 2018

Prostate treatment without surgery risk Times 25th April 2018

Huge generational gap in housing wealth is growing Times 6th April 2018

Drug find gives stroke patients hope of quicker recovery Times 6th April 2018

Think again: mental decline in later life can be staved off Times 6th April 2018

New hope for early treatment of Alzheimer's Times 28th March 2018

Cap on care costs is back for debate Times 21st March 2018

Social care in crisis until it is properly funded Daily Express 17th March 2018

Retirement boosts men's health Times 14th March 2018

Bigger flats not bungalows will tempt the downsizers Times 12th March 2018

Science works out secret of a 20-year-old body in your 70's Times 8th March 2018

1 in 10 Councils faces going bust over the soaring costs of elderly care Times 8th March 2018

'Alzheimer's will be treatable like HIV' Times 7th March 2018

Son's thanks for job at Sainsbury's that helped his mum cope with dementia Times 6th March 2018

Cashless society 'would hurt Swedens elderly' Times 21st February 2018

Heavy drinking causes most cases of early dementia, scientists find Times 21st February 2018

Old people are kept alive too long, says Holloway aged 84 Sunday Times 11th February 2018

Laser beam fired into brain could treat disease Times 9th February 2018

Lack of prestige fuels staff crisis as nurses quit care homes Telegraph 8th February 2018

Embracing old age could halve your risk of Dementia Telegraph 8th February 2018

Pessimistic pensioners could be on way to developing Alzheimers Times 8th February 2018

'Tax the over 65s to fund their care' Times 5th February 2018

Refunds for 1.8m on powers of attorney Sunday Times 4th February 2018

Families to win refunds for power of attorney fees Daily Mail Online 31st January 2018

Elderly hit by loneliness epidemic over New Year Telegraph 29th January 2018

Social care at 'tipping point' as back pay crisis grows Guardian 29th January 2018

Towns 'abandoned' by banks Telegraph 28th January 2018

Lazy lifestyles to cause surge in serious illness Times 24th January 2018

Older people sicker through obesity and inactivity Times 23rd January 2018

A million lonely pensioners left to starve  in their homes Times 22nd January 2018

Care homes 'selling residents possessions' Telegraph 20th January 2018

Search for Alzheimer's drug flounders Times 13th January 2018

Family of man killed by 95-year-old demand tests for old drivers Times 13th January 2018

Pfizer gives up on dementia research Times 9th January 2018

Stranded patients use up half of hospital beds Times 6th January 2017

Build care homes by schools to mix generations Times 5th January 2018

How to slow ageing from a sprint to a crawl Times 3rd January 2018

Voucher plan to help pay for elderly care Times 25th December 2017

Elderly preyed on in scam to settle tax bills with itunes gift cards Times 21st December 2017

One portion of spinach a day can fend off dementia Times 21st December 2017

Old face postcode lottery over help to pay for care home Times 16th December 2017

We'll all pay dearly for ignoring social care Times 13th December 2017

Dementia patients will be 'trapped on wards' over Christmas Times 13th December 2017

Dementia will 'overwhelm healthcare' Times 8th December 2017 

Winter deaths rise 40% as flu jab fails the elderly Times 23rd November 2017

Thousand abuse cases reported every day against elderly Telegraph 16th November 2017

Pensioners taking up to 23 pills a day Times 15th November 2017

Disabled adults are sent to old people's homes Times 14th November 2017

Care charities going bust after being told to pay higher wages Times 13th November 2017

'Dementia friendly' lavatory campaign success Daily Telegraph 10th November 2017

Baby boomer deaths surge from lifetime of alcohol abuse Times 8th November 2017

A&E unit for elderly to tackle waiting times & bed blocking Times 7th November 2017

Killed by driver, 90, who stepped on wrong pedal Times 7th November 2017

Squabble over bed blocking leaves older patients in limbo Times 17th October 2017

100 elderly people a day badly hurt in care homes Sunday Times 15th October 2017

Shortage of new bungalows puts elderly at risk Times 10th October 2017

Savers with gold-plated pensions short changed by poor advice Sunday Times 8th October 2017

Where there's a will, there's a family argument Times 7th October 2017

We have become too selfish to look after elderly, says Minister Telegraph 6th October 2017

New flu jab to tackle every strain of virus Times 3rd October 2017

Learning another language staves off dementia Times 2nd October 2017

Old and confused? Keep on driving, Japan tells its pensioners Times 30th September 2017

Pension crooks are stealing lifetime savings, MP's warn Times 21st September 2017

Elderly patients with broken hips wait too long for treatment Times 14th September 2017

Families left 'in crisis' by cuts in dementia nurses Times 12th September 2017

'Life mortgages' for the retired Telegraph 7th September 2017

Four cups of coffee a day 'cuts risk of early death' Times 28th August 2017

Salt doubles risk of heart failure and we're all eating too much of it Times 28th August 2017

Mobility scooter drags boy, 6 along pavement Times 25th August 2017

Lithium in water could lower dementia risk Times 24th August 2017

Care home chief warns sector is on the brink of catastrophic collapse Times 22nd August 2017

Elderly couple were split up because County Council put contractors first Times 22nd August 2017

Gum disease sufferers 70% more likely to get dementia Times 22nd August 2017

Cut off: new rules set to ban pensions cold callers Times 20th August 2017

Find an extra 71,000 beds...and soon, care homes told Times 16th August 2017

Judge claims children use law on power of attorneys to exploit elderly parents Times 16th August 2017

Pensioners given cards to ensure care of pets if they fall ill Telegraph 16th August 2017

Arthritis in knees is a preventable disease, scientists discover Times 15th August 2017

Funding crisis leaves thousands of care homes facing collapse Times 14th August 2017

Deaf to have phone calls streamed into ear implant Times 11th August 2017

Care Homes have 'culture of apathy' Telegraph 10th August 2017

Sex drives men on as they age, but women are not keeping up Telegraph 10th August 2017

'Exercise' protein offers hope for heart patients Times 9th August 2017

Mind controlled hearing aid Times 7th August 2017

Crosswords are not the solution to dementia Telegraph 2nd August 2017

Women £32 a week worse off after increase in pension age Times 2nd August 2017

Spending time with toddlers helps elderly fight dementia Times 30th July 2017

Care homes demand top up fees from families Times 27th July 2017

Stroke survivors at greater risk of dying for years Times 25th July 2017

Patients give up on statins because of side effect fears Times 25th July 2017

Families asked to feed dementia patients Times 22nd July 2017

Think yourself fit: how a healthy mindset can add years to your life Telegraph 21st July 2017

NHS landed with £630m bill of 250,000 hospital falls Times 21st July 2017

Healthier living can help prevent 1 in 3 dementia cases Times 20th July 2017

Live Longer - Leading article Times 19th July 2017

Breathing problems during sleep linked to Alzheimer's Times 19th July 2017

Nordic diet of fish and apples could help to fit dementia Times 18th July 2017

Stroke survivors 'are dumped by the NHS' Sunday Times 16th July 2017

Replacement hips linked to dementia and heart disease Times 10th July 2017

Elderly face 'Russian roulette' of understaffed nursing homes Times 6th July 2017

Care home nursery fills generation gap Times 1st July 2017

Doctors warn of crisis in care as elderly abuse cases increase Telegraph 30th June 2017

Toxic 'metal on metal' hip alert for 56,000 patients Telegraph 30th June 2017

Metal hip replacement hip patients recalled for tests Times 30th June 2017

The big myth behind the care cost 'cap'  Sunday Telegraph 25th June 2017

Plastic gut lining may cure or control diabetes Sunday Times 25th June 2017

Britain urged to keep older workers in employment Telegraph 20th June 2017

Cholesterol busting vaccine heralds end of daily statins Times 20th June 2017

Elderly care homes that charge the deceased Sunday Telegraph 18th June 2017

Silver strivers: Korean IT firm hails age of the older worker Sunday Telegraph 18th June 2017

Why inheritance tax changes aren't good news for everyone Times 15th June 17

Care homes forcing elderly residents to pay thousands in stealth fees Times 15th June 17

Silver surfers are signing up to Facebook Times 15th June 2017

More pensioners forced to rent as housing crisis grows Times 12th June 2017

Join a care home co-op to cut your costs by a quarter Sunday Times 11th June 2017

Living it up in retirement: the London flat that has built in care Times 5th June 2017

Forget Baywatch, now it's Greywatch Sunday Times 4th June 2017

Couples die together rather than live apart  Times 3rd June 2017

GP's will get 'bribes' for taking drugs from the elderly Times 1st June 2017

A million more carers needed to cope with ageing population Times 31st May 2017

NHS faces £500m bill for British pensioners in the EU Times 31st May 2017

Elderly and infirm, Bernard is forced out of the care home that can’t afford to
keep him
Sunday Times 28th May 2017

We're wasting the talents of our over 50's Times 25th May 2017

Number of pensioners who need care to rise by a quarter Times 24th May 2017

Fit dementia sufferers with GPS trackers Telegraph 24th May 2017

Employers reveal how many of their workers are 50 plus Times 24th May 2017

Conservatives social care plan 'will leave councils millions in debt' Times 23rd May 2017

Ramshackle social care close to collapse Times 18th May 2017

Average nursing home now costs £1,000 per week Telegraph 15th May 2017

Elderly, loyal - and paying 10 times more for insurance Sunday Times 14th May 2017

Ageing population brings risk of stroke epidemic Times 11th May 2017

Stroke epidemic looming as waistlines continue to grow Telegraph 11th May 2017

Saving for dementia bill would take a century Times 11th May 2017

Loneliness among older people: a new epidemic Guardian 10th May 2017

Stop separating elderly couples Times 10th May 2017

RIP affordable funerals as costs rise by almost 50% Times 10th May 2017

Elderly couple's hospital beds placed side by side Telegraph 9th May 2017

Older workers say they face prejudice Telegraph 8th May 2017

Older customers condemn spread of self-service tills Times 7th May 2017

We all grow old - don't let the age industry stigmatise it Guardian 28th April 2017

Elderly at risk as care homes close with days' notice Times 27th April 2017

Learn a language to delay dementia  Sunday Times 23rd April 2017

Most denied new 'flat rate' state pension Sunday Times 16th April 2017

The gift that can lock you out of your care home Sunday Times 16th April 2017

Why you'll pay the price for new pension rules Times 15th April 2017

Thousands of GPs plan to quit in next 5 years Times 12th April 2017

Decent care homes become harder to find Times 11th April 2017

The NHS: Condition critical  Sunday Times 9th April 2017

Ashes to ashes..no frills funerals Times 3rd April 2017

Living in polluted cities is blamed for older mens loss of brainpower Times 3rd April 2017

Elderly lose home care as providers pull out Times 20th March 2017

Why using a home as a cash machine can pay off Times 18th March 2017

Dizzyness when standing up linked to future dementia Times 10th March 2017

Extra £2bn on caring for the elderly is a 'short term repair' Times 9th March 2017

Work out in short sharp bursts to slow the ageing process The Times 8th March 2017

Care homes can be lonely & cruel places. But they can also be inspiring too. The Observer Sunday 5th March 2017

Advisors tout their wares wares to dementia sufferers Sunday Times 5th March 2017

How to get the best travel insurance for the over 65's Sunday Times 5th March 2017

Quarter of UK population will be over 65 by 2045 Telegraph 4th March 2017

Rural areas lose in 'unfair' funding of elderly care Times 1st March 2017

Alarm over new plans for pensions Times 27th February 2017

Cash boost to ease crisis in social care Times 26th February 2017

Having too much sugar could cause Alzheimer's Times 24th February 2017

Elderly trapped in hospitals by rows over who pays for care Telegraph 22nd February 2017

Millions would lose out in shake up of company pensions Times 21st February 2017

Rambling on may be a sign of dementia Times 21st February 2017

Dirty diesel 'doubles risk of dementia' Times 19th February 2017

Video games to beat dementia Times 19th February 2017

The great pension freedom myth Times 18th February 2017

Woman died after three hospitals turn her away Times 16th February 2017

Vulnerable left without help in care system 'close to collapse' The Times 16th February 2017

Alzheimers' blow after another drug trial abandoned Times 16th February 2017

Think it's all over? Over 80's enjoy better sex than middle aged The Times 14th February 2017

One in four care homes rated 'bad' or 'poor' by residents or their families The Telegraph 13th February 2017

Meet the password protectors: the bank staff helping to defend our grandparents Sunday Times 12th February 2017

Families turn to 'granny nannies' to fill care gap Telegraph 11th February 2017

New NHS scandal is inevitable, Mid Staffs inquiry chief warns The Times 10th February 2017

Woman, 89, trapped on hospital ward for 6 months The Times 7th February 2017

To be a satisfied senior, get social  Sunday Times 5th February 2017

Seeing the same GP reduces the need to visit a hospital Telegraph 2nd February 2017

Modern flush lavatories putting the elderly off shopping Telegraph 2nd February 2017

Cash strapped Japanese abandon senile parents The Times 28th January 2017

Cameron calls for more spending on dementia research The Times 25th January 2017

Pension warning as millions forced to retire early The Times 23rd January 2017

Social care is dragging down our hospitals The Times 11th January 2017

Care workers left dementia sufferer living in squalor The Times 10th January 2017

500,000 over 60's go days without contact Telegraph 6th January 2017

Elderly cared for by expats flying in to earn extra cash The Times 3rd January 2017

Old peoples homes should offer creches to end 'age apartheid' The Times 3rd Jan 2017


Ensure your inheritance ends up in the right hands The Times 31st December 2016

Ditch routines as you get older to stop life flying by say scientists The Times 17th December 2016

How to set up a power of attorney The Times 17th December 2016

The risk of plundering your pension pot too early The Times 17th December 2016

Elderly's homes may be seized to pay for care Sunday Times 4th December 2016

Young locked in 'covert war' with the old Sunday Times 4th December 2016

Watchdog urges families to report care home woes Times 3rd December 2016

Billions of pounds desperately needed to prevent a crisis in social care The Times 28th November 2016

Hospital stays for malnutrition soar Times 26th November 2016

Councils struggling to meet demands for elderly care services Telegraph 21st November 2016

Sometimes it's wrong to choose life over death The Times 18th November 2016

Slow, patchy, cruel: care funding damned as 'not fit for purpose' The Sunday Times 13th November 2016

Charities seek rise in care funding The Sunday Times 13th November 2016

Cold calls to elderly 'must be banned' Times 31st October 2016

Majority of councils pay carers too little Telegraph 26th October 2016

'Granny tracking' at home aims to save millions on care bill Times 21st October 2016

Middle class pay £10,000 in care homes 'stealth tax'  Times 20th October 2016

Pensioner stuck in bath for four days saved by waitress who realised she had not been to cafe for regular slice of cake  Telegraph 17th October 2016

Elderly Britons forced to quit work because of ‘inflexible’ businesses Telegraph 17th October 2016  

NHS hospitals open own care homes to tackle beds crisis Times 15th October 2016

Care crisis as struggling care homes are forced to shut The Telegraph 12th October 2016

Care homes under pressure as costs soar The Times 12th October 2016

NHS care complaints double  Sunday Times 9th October 2016

Swindling the old now a hate crime Sunday Times 9th October 2016

New website for advice, support, products including Powers of Attorney for dementia sufferers - Unforgettable.org The Times 8th October 2016

Most town halls neglect claims are made against care workers Times 6th October 2016

Woman's way with words could mask early signs of dementia Times 6th October 2016

How to get the NHS to pay your care bill Sunday Times 2nd October 2016

'We had no choice' number of elderly filial carers on the rise in UK  Guardian 2nd October 2016

8 killed using mobility scooters Sunday Times 2nd October 2016

Hospitals told not to discharge the elderly in the middle of the night Times 28th September 2016 

Minister: no money for women who lost out on state pensions, and 'that's that'  Telegraph 20th September 2016

Fraud forces 5m to cancel credit cards Times 19th September 2016

Pensioners face cuts to help younger generation Times 19th September 2016

We must stop pretending we'll never get old Times 17th September 2016

Middle aged abandon 'Club 18--34' city centres Times 18th September 2016

Good Old Days Times 16th September 2016

Beware cold calls about fake inheritance Times 12th September 2016

Elderly 'driven to early grave' by giving up cars Times 7th September 2016

Air pollution link to Alzheimer's Times 6th September 2016

Alzheimers drug is huge leap forward Times 1st September 2016

Scientists create the first drug to halt Alzheimer's  Times 28th July 2016

Elderly patients silenced by fear Times 30th December 2016

Early test for Alzheimer's offers hope to millions Times 26th July 2016  

Online brain training cuts risk of dementia by a third Times July 25th 2016

Fraud doubles the number of crimes Times 22nd July 2016

Elderly care faces collapse with £1.1b black hole Times 13th July 2016

Reversal of cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s disease - Research Paper June 2016

Being busy after 50 is smarter than it looks Times 18th May 16

Crisis hit Care homes leave beds empty Times 17th May 16

Nursing staff call police to restrain dementia patients Times 17th May 16

Fresh blood clue to reversing dementia Times 2nd April 16

Dementia signs dismissed as mid-life crisis Times 29th March 2016

Blood test could give 20 year advance warning of Alzheimer's Times 16th March

Gum disease in elderly worsens dementia decline Times Health 11th March 16

Gardening can halve Alzheimer's risk Times 11th March 16

'Your retirement? I wouldn't bet on it' Times 14th Feb 2016

Age UK under fire as business arm makes a profit of £110m Times 5th February 2016

Banks baffled by Court of Protection order Sunday Times 31st January 2016

Never accept ‘no’ for an answer on care funding Sunday Times 31st January 2016

Charities shun chance to take action on Nuisance calls - 31st Jan 16

Millions of patients struggle to secure GP appointments - The Times 8th Jan 2016

Less is more - how to be fit after 50  The Times 5th January 2016


Families to review care homes in bid to drive up standards - The Times 31st December 

Elderly patients silenced by fear - The Times 31st December 15

Planning for older people's housing - the shock of the new - Planning Advisory Service report Sept 2015

Thousands of NHS beds used by elderly with nowhere to go - Times 11th December 15

Cognitive impairment can occur in cancer patients who are treated with a variety of therapies

Science Daily - Dementia News

Testosterone lowering therapy for prostate cancer may increase Alzeimer's risk

'Inheritance tax plan is a mess' The Times 8th December 2015

Looking forward to old age can save you from Alzheimers - The Times 8th December 15

At 95, I'm fighting the NHS to fund wife's care - Sunday Times 6th December 15

You can't beat lively conversation - The Times 1st December 2015

Withdrawing Dementia drug doubles risk of nursing home placement 

Trading Standards Residents Newsletter - October 15

How to avoid the tax traps in the pension rules - The Times 26th Sept 15

How to boost your grandchildren's finances - The Times 26th Sept 15

August 2015

Over 60's exercise targets should be cut to 15 minutes a day, say health experts

How a little gentle exercise will help you to live longer

May 2015

Times article 15th May '10,000 more over 70's hitting the road every month'

Times article 15th May 'Over 65's help to boost UK productivity'

March 2015

Ultrasound treatment may restore memory loss in Alzheimers sufferers - article

$100 million pledge to find a dementia cure - Times article 18th March

January 2015

Daily Telegraph article 31st January 2015. What do you think? 

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