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Mobility Scooter training project

The number of mobility scooters currently being used is estimated to be 350,000 and is likely to increase year on year by 10%.  There is no requirement to insure mobility scooters, have any driving experience or training. 

8 killed using mobility scooters Sunday Times 6th October 2016

Provided you have the money you can purchase your machine and go off and drive most places off road

 There are a few restrictions if you wish to use the vehicle on the road but these are only filling in a few forms and having the right type of scooter. 

There is no requirement to have a level of mobility or sight. 

During the period between 2011 and 2015 there has been 23 mobility scooter fatalities and a further 490 injuries and most of these have been classed as serious.  

Mobility scooter drags boy, 6 along pavement Times 25th August 2017

Are mobility scooters users gambling with safety?

The issues of mobility scooter safety have been raised at Horsham District Older Peoples Forum meetings. The Forum approached Horsham Town Community Partnership (HTCP) with a view to forming a joint project to organise and run a mobility scooter training programme. 

To help prevent these mobility scooter accidents and give confidence to new users it is now running a pilot training scheme in Horsham Town for 6 months commencing April 2018. 2 courses have been successfully completed and a further course is planned for July 2018. There are places for 3 people on each course and a mobility scooter can be supplied if you don't already possess one.  

 If this proves to be successful the program could be rolled out throughout Horsham District.

See West Sussex County Times online article 28th November 2017

  Horsham District Council is being extremely supportive and has supplied training and storage venues in Horsham park & The Barn.  

The 'Disabled Ramblers' taking part in the Horsham Riverside Walk event 2015

Horsham District Bus route map and timetable

Following the lack of a bus route map and timetables being raised at the Older Peoples Forum meeting on the 7th June 2017 in Rudgewick, HDOPF is now working with Horsham Town Community Partnership on a project to produce a comprehensive bus route map and timetable covering local bus routes. 

Hospital Insight Project

HDOPF has been working with HDC, WSCC, Age UK Horsham District and Healthwatch West Sussex on peoples experiences of hospital treatment 'From getting there to getting Home.'

Detailed NHS statistical data has been obtained through WSCC for the whole of Horsham District. A 'Strawberry Tea' public event was held on the 11th July 2017 where local people were able to share their experiences. 

A further event was held on the 12th September at Age UK Horsham District, Lavinia House, Dukes Square, Horsham. The event was for those groups or organisations who provide transport to and from the hospital or help those aged 50+ to live independently when they return home etc. 

October 2017 - The project has now been successfully completed and you can read the report here

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