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Welcome to the website of the Older Peoples Forum for Horsham District

The Horsham District Older Peoples Forum (HDOPF) is a non-political, free to attend voluntary group that acts as the 'ears' and gives a 'voice' for people aged 60 and over who reside in the Horsham District Council area or who cares for someone who is. It also exists for anyone to raise issues with the Forum that relate or affect local older people. The Forum works on projects and is also an information hub and consultative group for anyone seeking the views of older people in the district on particular plans, topics or schemes that may affect older people including Horsham District Council (HDC) and West Sussex County Council (WSCC). 

The Forum is actively working towards an 'Age-Friendly' and 'Dementia Friendly' Horsham.  

The next HD Older Peoples Forum public meeting will be in March 2019 details to be confirmed  

Please email hdopforum@gmail.com to reserve a place.

What do you think are the issues facing older people? What issues are you having as an older person? Transport? Care? Loneliness? 

Let us know or come along to our public meetings
email hdopforum@gmail.com


Our sincere thanks go to Jeremy Quin MP who came down from London, taking time out from his important government role during this politically important and sensitive time due to Brexit especially to answer our questions before dashing back to Westminster at our Forum MP Question Time event on the 16th November 18. 


Britain facing 350,000 shortfall of care workers Telegraph 26th November 2018

An ageing population is causing problems that Britain cannot ignore Times 20th August 2018

More than a million older people left without help Times 9th July 2018

Do you think you or someone you know would benefit from free safety training as a mobility scooter user?  HDOPF with Horsham Town Community Partnership are now able to offer free mobility scooter safety training courses in Horsham. 

Mobility scooter racers bring chaos to market Times 4th August 2018

Mobility scooter death leads to call for change in the law Telegraph 18th July 2018

WSCT article 'Mary 94, leads the way in pioneering buggy scheme' 29th May 2018

West Sussex County Times article 28/11/17 here

Further details on the scheme here


There are expected to be 16 million people aged 65 and over in the UK by 2033, a rise of 40%


There are 10,000 more drivers aged 70 and over every month

Older drivers need medical tests, says Coroner Times 7th July 2018

Should older drivers be tested regularly after 70? What are your views? 


'Old people are kept alive too long' Sunday Times 18th February 2018

'The new retirement' 'Traditional views of retirement are being swept away' The Guardian articles 2017

'We must stop pretending we'll never grow old' Times 17th September 2016

"So where is the social media campaign, where are the angry hashtags? The biggest puzzle is why ageing voters, with their political muscle and grey pound, aren’t demanding change, so that in a decade or so when they’re feeble, alone, and life has contracted to a single room, they will be treated like human beings? That oldster languishing in a surgical ward, pining for home . . . it may be you."  
Janice Turner 'We must stop pretending we'll never grow old'

Read The Resident article 'Is all in the garden rosy for the 60+'   23rd February 2018


Are banks abandoning their customers? Are local bank closures affecting you?

Do banks owe their customers a moral duty to provide local bank services?

Why did Lloyds Bank, on the day of the public meeting held on the 18th January 2018, renege on attending to explain their bank closure in Billingshurst?  

Let the Forum know your views

Towns 'abandoned by banks' Telegraph 28th January 2018

2018 public meetings

May 30th 2018  BILLINGSHURST CENTRE, Roman Way, Billinghurst RH14 9EW          

    August 29th  COLGATE VILLAGE MEMORIAL HALL,  1, Vicarage Close, Colgate, Horsham  RH12 4BB.      

Friday 16th November 2018 MP Question Time with Jeremy Quin MP, Parkside Council Offices, Horsham

     December 4th Tuesday   ASHINGTON CENTRE, Foster Lane, Ashington  RH20 3PG.    Included the AGM                                            


Have you applied for a Power of Attorney between 1st April 2013 and 31st March 2017?

The Government overcharged the fee. 

Claim your refund online here


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Find an extra 71,000 beds...and soon, care homes told Times 16th August 2017

Funding crisis leaves thousands of care homes close to collapse Times 14th August 2017

Care Homes have 'culture of apathy' Telegraph 10th August 2017

Vulnerable left without help in health system 'close to collapse' Times 16th February 2017

If you are willing to share your experiences or can’t make the meetings to talk or listen in person or have relevant concerns information then email: horshamolderpeoplesforum@gmail.com or hdopforum@gmail.com or for further information look at this websites pages.  

If you would like further information, become a supporter, join our email circulation list and/or attend any of our meetings please email: hdopforum@gmail.com or horshamolderpeoplesforum@gmail.com or use the 'Contact Us' page on this site  or  telephone our Vice Chairman, Arthur Reader on 07435 969772 

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